Build your career at Nortech AI

At Nortech AI, we’re shaping the future with Industrial IoT innovation. We’re more than a company; we’re a force for positive change, creating smarter solutions for the World, in a workplace where everyone belongs and thrives.

We’re constantly growing and evolving and so will you.


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We’re always on the lookout for new skilful talent with a customer-first mentality, a strong sense of ownership, problem-solving abilities, and a goal-driven mentality, who proactively seek opportunities to create value.
If this sounds like you, email us your CV and tell us more about what drives you and what you do best.

Values WE play and live by

Our values are the foundation of our culture. They determine how we work, learn, grow as a team and individuals.

1. Play as a Team

We embrace diverse perspectives and our collective knowledge to devise the best solutions. We set goals, play to win, and celebrate achievements as a team.

2. Challenge Yourself

We look forward to learning and doing new things, even when it’s uncomfortable or difficult. We proactively look for ways to getting more things done while producing the best results possible.

3. Be Accountable

We work hard each day to keep commitments to our team and our customers. Each of us strives to deliver quality work on-time, as our accountability impacts everyone else’s.

4. Prioritize Customer Impact

The impact we have on our customers and partners drives our decisions and actions. We derive our happiness from their success.

5. Show Gratitude

We spread positivity by practicing humility, being thankful, and recognizing each other’s contributions. We pay it forward by providing feedback and helping our teammates when they’re stuck.

6. Balance Work with Life

We take work seriously but don’t lose ourselves in it. We devote a healthy balance of time and attention to family, friends, personal development, and our work.

Why Nortech AI?

We believe working and growing with our people is the biggest perk on our list but by far not the only one. We offer relevant benefits that cater to most lifestyles and backgrounds.

Competitive Compensation

In order for you to make the best work of your life, financials should not be on your mind at all. Hence, we value our team members' work with competitive salaries that covers all their needs plus some savings, for peace of mind.


We are strong believers in Alignment of Incentives. Hence Nortech's boat is currently pulled forward by a team of co-owners that are strongly rowing in the same direction.
This means, that we might offer you a part of the boat in the form of Stock Options.

Flexible Work Location & Schedule

Our team recognizes the creative value that physical brainstorming meeting brings. Hence, we do have offices, and use them, but we work remotely on occasion and enjoy flexible schedules and work locations.
It’s not about where and when you do it, it’s about what and how you do it.

Innovative Spirit

We're not just part of the IIoT industry; we're actively shaping its future with cutting-edge technology and visionary projects. Our team members are encouraged to think outside the box and the freedom to them into practice, pushing boundaries of what's possible.


Our mission is to make a tangible difference in the world, starting with the IIoT solutions we deliver to our clients. Your work here has the power to enhance efficiency and sustainability across industries, contributing to a smarter, greener planet.

Personal Growth

We believe personal growth is the cornerstone of professional excellence. As our company reaches new horizons, you’ll have opportunities to expand your expertise, take on new challenges even new Roles, and grow with us.

Collaborative Culture

Our flat hierarchy is a canvas for open communication and spontaneous collaboration. Every team member has the freedom to engage with colleagues across all levels, ensuring that the best ideas don’t just get heard—they get acted upon.

Dynamic Teamwork

With the absence of rigid departments, we embrace the fluid creation of cross-functional teams to tackle challenges creatively and efficiently. This approach allows for a nimble environment where adaptability and teamwork lead to innovative solutions.

Latest Tech and Tools

We adopt the latest technology and methods to become more productive, collaborative, and innovative.

Equipment Budget

Every team member gets a generous budget for a laptop, mobile and computer accessories, so they can choose the equipment and operating system they want and need.

Team Building Events

We enjoy doing things together. Whether it’s hiking, paddle, or simple coffee socials, we host team-building events regularly.

Extras - country specific

Our team members live in different locations. Each country has it's own social security system, health services, transportation resources, tax system, and other public resources.
Hence, Nortech might provide extra perks that are country specific, like: health insurance, public transport pass, paid home internet, extra fringe benefits, etc. See each position description for details.